Kooky Canuck: Kookamonga Challenge

KOOKAMONGA RECORD: Meredith @deepfrieddiva from Barrie, ON is our first female and first Canadian on the Wall of Fame with a time of 40m 40s. Outstanding performance from the Canuck, congratulations.

If you can finish the “Kookamonga” Burger in 60 minutes, without aid from others, you get the burger for free! You also get your picture on the Hall of Fame!

How big is the Kookamonga burger?
Our Kookamonga Burger is 4lbs of fresh ground-chuck, two pounds of our custom made hamburger bun, and one and a half pounds of lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions, and cheese…SEVEN AND A HALF POUNDS TOTAL…but the fries are optional.

How do you cook the Kookamonga and how long does it take?
We use 80/20 ground chuck then we cook and season it exactly the same way we do our regular burgers… it just takes a whole lot longer – about 40 minutes longer in fact.

How many people have eaten the Kookamonga all by themselves?  8 people have eaten the burger 11 times in under 60 minutes.

Patrick Bertoletti in 7min 15sec & 11min 5sec

Jeremy Payne in 53min

Joey Chestnut in 7min 36sec

Roger Robinson (THREE TIMES) in 57min, 30 min and 45min

Jason Smith in 45 min

Cedric Young in 59 minutes

Eric Williams in 58 minutes

Filipe Barros in 54 minutes.

How people have attempted the Kookamonga Challenge?

As of September 25, 2011 – 3198 attempts have been  made!!

How many calories are in the Kookamonga? Well, let’s add it up;

Ground Chuck-8,960 calories/176g fat                                               

Bread-2,464 calories/35.6g fat

American Cheese-848 calories/55.2g fat

Tomato, onion, pickles, lettuce-85 calories/0g fat

TOTAL CALORIES: 12,387        TOTAL FAT: 266.8g

What would it take to burn off the calories after eating the Kookamonga Burger?

Low impact aerobics for 28 hours

High impact aerobics for 26 hours

Stationary bike for 17 hours

Play 23 full games of basketball

Playing golf with no cart for 42 hours

Boxing for 15 hours

Go on a cross-country hike for 30 hours

Push mow you lawn for 30 hours

Sleep 200 hours

Play tennis for 23 hours

Play softball for 36 hours

Rollerblade for 13 hours

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