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Expatriating to another Country is never simple. Read up on articles ranging from Immigration to Cross border Financial Planning. While these articles may be helpful, Laws and Polices change do change. I’s always best to consult with an expert.

CEN also provides bi-weekly e-newsletters, regular stories of interest, expat webinars, calendar of events, list of Canadian Expat Groups, forum, CDN News feeds, twitter feeds and the Annual Canada Day Expat Giveaway.


The Goal That United Canada

The Goal That United Canada revolves around the ’72 Summit Series between Canada and the Soviet Union. Stories that are strung together that begin to tell a larger story of love for our Country and the games of Hockey that we love.

Terry Fox Stories

Terry Fox is a Canadian hero and his impact continues to touch people across Canada from generation to generation. His Marathon of Hope provided several stories that touched a nation. Enjoy

Feature Articles

Read interesting articles about Canadian home and abroad.

Featured Article

’72 Summit Stories, Celebrating the ’72 Series 40th at the Hockey Hall of Fame

Speakers Panel including Host Sean Mitton, Bob Cole, Brian McFarlane, Ref Steve Dowling, Jim Herder & Scott Raithby. Bob Cole...
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Marc-Andre Hawkes Terrific ’72 Story

Marc-Andre Hawkes is the Canadian Consul, Senior Trade Commissioner in Miami, Florida and is an avid hockey fan who cheers...
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’72 Project Nostalgia: Montreal Expos Bill Stoneman Throws No-Hitter Days after Henderson Goal

Three days after the historical Paul Henderson goal in 1972 that secured a Canadian victory in the Summit Series, history...
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’72 Project Nostalgia: 40th Anniversary of the Beachcombers

https://youtu.be/ENMOwXwRTZU Beachcomber Fast Facts Started: October 1st, 1972 Last episode: December 12th, 1990 Longest-running dramatic series ever made for English-language...
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Greg Keelor of Blue Rodeo Shares an Incredible ’72 Story

There are some stories that catch you off guard…because they're so remarkable. That can be said of the story from...
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RBC Cup in Myrtle Beach, SC

Montreal Canadien Great Yvan Cournoyer Captains Team Canada. https://youtu.be/hLcewKpENp4 https://youtu.be/LsryvG_rUFY RBC Bank VP of Cross Border Banking discusses the RBC...
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Hear how Manitoba has weathered the economic storm

The Honorable Peter Bjornson- Manitoba Minister of Entrepreneurship, Training and Trade Peter is a lifelong resident of Gimli, Manitoba. Elected in...
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Interview with NB Minister Victor Boudreau

The Honorable Victor Boudreau Minister New Brunswick Liberal MLA Victor Éric Boudreau was elected to represent the constituency of Shediac--Cap-Pelé...
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Interview with PEI Premier Robert Ghiz on Provincial strengths

Quick Facts (Source Trade Team PEI) The value of Prince Edward Island's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) at market prices for 2007...
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Anne of Green Gables Celebrates 100 Years

How times flies. One hundred years ago in 1908, Lucy Maud Montgomery published Anne of Green Gables, the first in a...
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AURP Plays a Role in Canada’s Knowledge Based Economy

"Coast to coast there are a node of networks meshed together across Canada looking to commercialize ideas products and service...
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Tim Horton’s opens Locations in New York City

"Two ladies were so excited, they were shaking". That story was told by Diane Slopek-Weber, the Director of Corporate Communications for...
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Baseball Canada: Development Important part of Major League Success

This past week Canadians Justin Bay and Jason Morneau played in the 2009 All Star game in St. Louis. Canada has come...
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Canadian Ambassador Michael Wilson visits North Carolina

The Canadian Ambassador to the U.S. Michael Wilson recently visited North Carolina to meet with high ranking officials and was...
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Chef Spike Mendelsohn Opens “We the Pizza” Restaurant

We the Pizza Opening We the Pizza Opening We the Pizza Opening We the Pizza Opening We the Pizza Opening...
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RBC Cup Picture Gallery

Canada vs USA Bob & Mike Pre Tourney Crowd Pre Tourney Crowd Yvan & Friends Alain Forget & Yvan Cournoyer...
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Photos from the 1st Terry Fox Run in Raleigh, NC

1 km at a time Focus Run Strategies The Sprint Judith Fox-Alder Opening Remarks Jubiliation! Pre Run photos Home stretch...
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Part 4: Preparing to Exit the United States for Canada?

How does one recalibrate their risk management strategy when moving from the U.S. to Canada? This is an interesting financial...
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Part 3: Preparing to Exit the United States for Canada?

Canadian and American citizens move across the 49th parallel for education, employment and retirement reasons. Clearly, many overt similarities exist...
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Leave Financial Assets in Canada? The U.S. Wants to Know About Them

Many Canadian expatriates are familiar with United States income taxation of residents on their worldwide income. One can become a...
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