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Guest post Requirements

  1. Minimum 800 words per article.
  2. Relevant in-post Do Follow links are allowed. We charge $$$. We allow all legal Niches, including Health, Gambling, Betting, and Cryptocurrency guest posts. Nothing “spammy,” though.
  3. We charge twice the amount for Gambling, Crypto Currency, Dating, CBD, and Casino guest posts.
  4. The article must be exclusive to the CanadianExpatNetwork website.
  5. All articles are subject to approval by our editors.
  6. If any changes are required to the article, either by you or our editor, you will be notified before we publish it.

How To Submit Your Guest Post To CanadianExpatNetwork?

The best way to submit a guest post is to contact us at and let us know your idea.

What Is A Guest Post?

A guest post is an article written by an individual or organization and published on another person’s or organization’s website or blog. It successfully increases a brand’s or website’s online visibility, reputation, and reach. Simply put, it is creating an article or blog post and providing it to another website owner for publication on their platform.

Guest articles allow writers, industry experts, and companies to share their knowledge, ideas, and skills with a new audience. This partnership helps both sides, as the guest author obtains exposure to a larger readership while the host website gains new material and the opportunity to attract new visitors.

Guest posting serves several functions in the realm of digital marketing. For starters, it aids in establishing thought leadership and authority in a specific specialty or industry. Guest authors may present themselves as experts by providing relevant and insightful material, garnering readers’ confidence and credibility.

Second, guest postings help a website’s search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. A beneficial backlink is created when a credible website publishes a guest post with a link to the author’s website. Backlinks help search engines identify the relevance and authority of a website, which affects its ranking in search results.

Individuals or businesses that want to participate in guest blogging frequently contact relevant website owners or bloggers, offering their content ideas or submitting pre-written pieces for consideration. It is critical to adhere to the host website’s requirements and ensure the material is appropriate for its target audience and editorial standards.

In conclusion, a guest post is a mutually advantageous agreement in which one author publishes material for another website for visibility, reputation, and SEO benefits. It is a powerful approach for broadening your reach, establishing authority, and making key contacts inside a given sector or specialty.

What is Cryptocurrency Guest Post?

Cryptocurrency Guest Post is a unique and informative article or blog post written by a guest author, typically an expert or enthusiast in cryptocurrency. This post, containing valuable insights on topics like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Blockchain technology, or market trends, is then published on a third-party website to reach a broader audience. Through a Cryptocurrency Guest Post, the author and the hosting website can boost their online visibility, strengthen SEO, and establish authority within the crypto industry. This type of content is an effective way to share knowledge, foster engagement, and drive traffic in the dynamic world of digital currencies.

What is Gambling Niche Guest Post?

A Gambling Niche Guest Post is a type of content marketing in which a guest author writes and publishes a blog post on a third-party website related to gambling. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an accepted method to build high-quality backlinks, improve your business awareness, and attract an appropriate audience. Businesses and individuals can establish industry authority, get visibility, and boost their internet presence by submitting good material to respected gambling-related websites.

CanadianExpatNetwork Guest Post Terms and Conditions

  • We will have one Do-Follow link to your website.
  • We will Not Mark the Post as Paid Post.
  • We will keep the link live for a minimum of one year. In most cases, we will keep the link live for many years(we won’t remove it).
  • We will Add other High Authority external links to keep the article looking natural.
  • If we end up selling the website or have to shut down the site for any reason, we can not guarantee the link period.

Refund Policy: Payments made once can not be refunded from your side. We will only refund when we fail to publish the article.

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