Canada Day Reflections, Brigadier General Nicolas Matern

“Feels different being around so many Canadians, there’s not too many at Fort Bragg”. That comment was from Brigadier General Nicolas Matern who attended a recent baseball game in Cary, NC to see the Canadian Junior Baseball team play the US Senior Baseball among other Canadians. By population, Fort Bragg, NC is the largest Army installation in the world, providing a home to almost 10 percent of the Army’s active component forces. Approximately 43,000 military and 8,000 civilian personnel work at Fort Bragg.

BG Matern, originally from Montreal, commented that while enjoying his post he missed aspects about home. “I’m a Canadien’s fan and miss the culture as well. If the Canadians teams don’t go far, then I’ll pick another team to cheer for. My aide happens to be from Pittsburgh and is a big hockey fan.”

“Being stationed in Fort Bragg, any Canada Day celebrations would most likely be combined with July 4th”, he stated.

Having been in many countries during Canada Days, he reflected that you feel more Canadian, when you’re outside your own borders.


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