Book Excerpt: Perseverance Life Lessons on Leadership and Teamwork

Football became my obvious metaphor as it does for many, and I began to equate this as being “halftime” in my life. As I reflected on my professional life I realized how much time I had spent trying to make first downs and score touchdowns. My focus had now changed into trying to be more about people and serving others.

In my next job, my primary focus was going to be about trying to find the hidden value in people. I was going to be a “facilitator” for their personal and professional growth, and get them to see that when you decide to become part of a team that everyone involved (and I mean “everyone”) has an unconscious and very human desire to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

They say a lot of us begin to feel this way as we pass into our 50’s. As mortality becomes more of an issue, perspective on life changes and a person’s focus can begin to change dramatically. It certainly had with me.


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