You Are Getting Very Sleepy…and now it’s time for the audience to laugh…a lot!

For most of us, when we hear or see the word “Hypnotist” it conjures up all kinds of different feelings, thoughts and images as to who and what a hypnotist is.  Several books, movies or plays have probably helped form that image.  But what about when we say the word “Comedy Stage Hypnotist”, what comes to mind?  For most of you, you probably haven’t even heard of a Comedy Stage Hypnotist before, let alone see one in action.  Well if that is you, it is time to get off the couch and do a Google search to find out who just might be coming to a town near you! Chances are, it could be Mikey Angel!

Mikey Angel has been performing as a Comedy Stage Hypnotist for the past two years.  The Mikey Angel Comedy Hypnosis Show ( is based out of Raleigh, NC and has traveled as far north as Anchorage, Alaska just to make audiences laugh. Formally, Stage Hypnosis can be best described as hypnosis performed in front of an audience for the purposes of entertainment, usually in a theatre or club.  Informally, through the power of suggestion, the cast of volunteers are rapidly hypnotized to being some of the best improv performers on the earth. It is one of the funniest forms of entertainment out there! 

The Mikey Angel Comedy Hypnosis Show is where ordinary people become extraordinary.  He loves to entertain audiences with complete strangers as his props…there really is no other form of entertainment like it.  It has been said that Mikey’s shows are like a stage director doing a show on Broadway with 20 performers he has never met and they have never even read the script – because there isn’t one!

Mikey originally started out as an amateur magician 18 years ago in his hometown of Mississauga, Ontario.  For years he wanted to take his performing to the next step and dreamed of becoming a stage hypnotist.  Well, that dream became a reality three years ago when he moved the USA.  He teamed up with his good friend and fellow Stage Hypnotist (another Canadian living in the US) Michael C. Anthony to study under him for a year, much like an apprentice would.  When Mikey was ready to perform his first show he branched out on his own and started performing at local high schools.  Over the course of his first year he gradually moved up and started performing at Colleges, Universities and then stepped into the Corporate market.  There was no looking back at that point.

Mikey Angel, his daughter & actor David Coulier "Uncle Joey" on the show Full House

Mikey Angel, his daughter & actor David Coulier “Uncle Joey” on the show Full House

It’s not just the Jim Carrey’s and Rachel McAdam’s of the world, who have been exported for entertainment purposes.There are a number of Canadians living and performing as hypnotists in the US. Angel’s mentor, Michael C. Anthony, started his stage hypnosis career in Canada and moved to the US 15 years ago and has been performing ever since. Another Canadian, Marc Savard, has a very successful comedy hypnosis Show in Las Vegas and has been performing on the Las Vegas Strip for many years.’Sailesh’ the comedy hypnotist has been dazzling audiences for years ever since he moved from Ontario to California. These entertainers, like Angel, have carved out a nice niche that allows them to travel all over Canada and the US and make a living at it.

For more information check out Mikey’s website and YouTube page or contact him directly at 919.576.0576 /

The Mikey Angel Comedy Hypnosis Show


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