New Wendys Canada Coupons: Save on July 2023

New Wendys Canada Coupons and offers are available! Start saving money at Wendy’s Restaurant. Wendy’s Burgers is one of the best burgers made with Juicy Beef. Each Burger is made of natural beef and real cheese on a premium bun and is simply Scrumptious! Every Burger sold in Canada is made from Canadian beef!

How to Find a Wendys Coupon

The most common way to find the latest Wendys coupons is by using the Wendys app, which can be downloaded on your phone. The App always has Exclusive Coupons and Deals you can’t get anywhere else. The Second most common way is by Mailer coupons. Wendy mails out coupon booklets distributed by mail a few times yearly (Quarterly). Watch the expiry dates; generally, you can expect a new batch of coupons when the last ones expire.

New Batch of Mailer Coupons at the Start of June 2023

Unfortunately, Wendy printable coupons do not exist in 2023.

Mailer Coupons:

Coupons Price
2 Can Dine on Dave’s Singles $14.27
2 Can Dine Spicy Chicken Combos $7.99
Spicy Chicken Combo $7.39
Dave’s Single Cheeseburger $5.00
Two can dine Breakfast /sausage /egg Croissant Combos $9.99
Breakfast Croissant Combo $5.99
French Toast Sticks $1.99
Baconator $6.00

Mailer Coupons Valid till July 16, 2023

Wendys Canada Coupons This Week on Mobile App

If you have the Mobile Application this week, you will find only the following coupons on your mobile App. Getting the App also gives you the rewards program (See Below for benefits).

  • Get 2 Daves Single cheeseburgers for $8.99 on mobile purchase
  • 2 Croissant/ Biscuit Combos for $9.99 with Mobile Order
  • Pay only $1.00 on Large Fries with Mobile Purchase
  • Save $4.00 off WUS $20.00 or More

Click Here to Get the App

Special ends on August 6, 2023

Wendy’s Specials on Ice Cold Drinks

  • Grab a Small Frosty for $0.99
  • Grab Ice Cold Coffee for $1.99
  • Grab $1.99 Frosty-casino

Wendys Canada Coupons

Get Wendy’s Rewards

Get Rewarded at Wendy’s Canada! Just download Wendy’s Mobile application to start using Wendy’s Rewards. Pull it out and get scanned every time you order to gain points; once you earn enough points, you can redeem your points for free treats and those Wendy’s old-fashioned Hamburgers.

Download the App, Scan it to begin using it to earn points and get the latest Wendy’s deals & coupons. You will earn 10 points for every $1.00 you spend.

Points Needed to Redeem

  • 250 points will give you the following items for Free: Small Hot Coffee, Junior Bacon Cheeseburger, Small fries, Junior cheeseburger deluxe, Small Frosty, Small breakfast potatoes
  • Redeem 350 points: Biscuit Sandwich, Small Chili, Small Frosty
  • Redeem at 450 points: Small Poutine, Croissant Sandwich, Double Junior Bacon Cheeseburger, 6pc Chicken Nuggets, and it goes up to 1300 points if you can hold out that long before redeeming.

Take the New Canada’s Survey for a Special Offer.

The Next time you order food or a beverage, Keep your receipt and check the bottom to see if you qualify for a Survey; upon filling out the survey, it’s possible to get a special offer for your next visit; you may get one of those freebies for a free drink with the purchase of one premium sandwich.

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FAQs about Saving Money at Wendy’s

Q: Does Wendys app work in Canada? A: Yes, as long as you download the App that mentions “Canada.”

Q: Can you use two coupons at Wendys? A: Yes, as long as they are for two different things. You can not double up on coupons for the same item.

Q: What is the $5 for $5 at Wendy’s? A: Unfortunately, it is a USA-based special. We don’t have the Baggers Can’t Be Choosers $5 deals in Canada, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get deals like clipped coupons or coupon sheets to help you save money at the drive-thru.

Q: What is Wendy’s $3 breakfast deal? A: It’s an American thing. Canadians get a $5.00 breakfast meal and usually specific item deals, and it happens in March & April (Spring Promo).

Q: Can I get Wendy’s printable coupons in pdf? A: No, Wendy no longer offers coupons in print format.

Q: Where Can I find Wendy’s Specials Canada? A: On the App or online social media, newsletter.

Q: When does the Wendy’s Coupon book come out? A: The larger coupon book comes out during the Halloween season, but you can find mail coupons in your mailbox every other month.

In conclusion, take advantage of the fantastic Wendy’s Canada Coupons available this July 2023 and enjoy delicious and juicy burgers without burning a hole in your pocket. Whether you use the Wendy’s App or get mailer coupons, there are plenty of ways to save on your favorite meals.

Additionally, by joining Wendy’s Rewards, you can earn points and redeem them for free treats and mouthwatering hamburgers. Don’t forget to check out the special offers available through surveys or the mobile App. Happy saving and happy eating!

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