Urea imports yet reach record volume

Buenos Aires, October 31st. As we said in our latest post, massive urea imports continued during September. A total of 125,045 tons arrived at Argentine ports, mainly from Egypt and the United Arab Emirates.


The total imports from January reach 518,639 tons and mark a new record in the history of fertilizers consumption in the country. This volume is well above to the 177,918 tons in 2017 and to the 288,590 tons in 2016. Also, during September, local companies imported 104,747 tons of UAN, the largest volume since October 2016.

The largest corn and wheat areas were the drivers of the nitrogen fertilizers demand. Adding up to the urea and UAN imports, the diammonium, monoammonium phosphates, and single superphosphate imports, fertilizers imports reach 1.7 MMT versus 1.2 MMT (2017) and 1.4 MMT in 2016.

The following graph, made by RIA Consultores on an INDEC basis shows the evolution of fertilizers imports since 2015.

Sources in the fertilizers industry hope that the year concludes with a consumption surpassing 4 million metric tons, a volume that would mark a new record, but still far of the nutrient reposition requirements.


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