Tim Horton’s opens Locations in New York City

“Two ladies were so excited, they were shaking”. That story¬†was told by Diane Slopek-Weber, the Director of Corporate Communications for Tim Horton’s. This past weekend 12 former Dunkin Donuts stores were converted into Tim Horton’s.

With over 500 Tim Horton’s in the U.S. across 11 states, there had never been a Tim’s in New York City. “Buffalo is big, as well as Michigan and Ohio”, Slopek-Weber mentioned.

Canadians in New York City will now be understood when they ask for a double-double.

Here’s a list of New York City locations.

1 Penn Plaza (LIRR Level)
Madison Square Garden Taxi Ramp
401 7th Avenue (32nd Street)
22 Court Street (Brooklyn)
152 West 34th Street (7th Avenue)
761 7th Avenue (50th Street)
2 Penn Plaza (Amtrak Level)
47 East 42nd Street (Between Park & Madison Avenue)
1276 Lexington Avenue (Between 85th & 86th Street)
2547 Broadway (Between 95th & 96th Street)
1286 Broadway (Between 33rd & 34th Street)
451 Fulton Street (Brooklyn)

Tim Horton’s in New York City.


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