As an ex-pat that has set up a local social networking portal it is great to have access to a national based network to promote and share ideas with. Thank you CEN, keep growing!
Marty Seed
Atlanta's Canadian Social Network
"It is nice to have a connection to other Canadians in the US. I also like getting information with a Canadian prospective."
Pamela Wimbush Raleigh NC
We were relocated by Nortel to California with our 3 kids in 1997. CEN would have made the transition smoother.
Steve Morrison
Although we are not originally from Canada, my husband's family is, and I was raised in Canada (originally froma England). This site is a great way to have a common bond with Canadians and the great country it is. To network and socialize and to keep in contact with Canadians in the Triangle area. Great job Sean, many thanks....
Joe and Jane Mansell Raleigh
After 11 years here, Canada is still home. It warms my heart just knowing there are others who feel the same . Thank you for the opportunity to stay connected.
Tuscaloosa, AL
We have lived in Woodstock Geogia for over 8 years. I wish this website was up and running when we moved here. There is just something special about connecting with people from where your from. Often friends from Georgia ask what's different about Canada and the US's hard to not better or worse ...but just different.
Karen LaFlamme (Kidder)
Woodstock GA
As a Canadian spouse who has relocated due to a job transfer, from Cambridge On, to the Inland Empire, its nice to connect with our roots locally....
Lynda S Menifee