Telco Claro launches a new IoT platform in association with BIT SA

The intelligence communication between machines (IoT or Internet of Things)  is a growing reality in the Argentina farm production. Now, Claro, one of the leading local Telco, is launching a new platform to connect farm machinery in association with BIT SA, an Ag Tech company based en Villa Maria, Córdoba Province.

From the ’70’s to the present, BIT had developed software to the farm and agindustry management. “Hereinafter, this association with Claro will permit the farmer to know online, for example, the condition of the grain into the silo bag, because the sensors installed inside the bags will be transmitting data to his computer through the Claro platform”, explained Mr. Horacio Balussi, founder and CIO of BIT SA.

It is estimated that every season million tons of grain are stored in silo bags. To the farmer is crucial to know the temperature, humidity and CO2 concentration inside the bag. “The SIM card associated with those sensors is transmitting this data online to the farmer’s computer or mobile devices. But we are waiting for a new and rupturist technology that will confer the battery a useful life of two or three years”, added Marcelo Guglielmucci, manager of Marketing and Commercial Planning from Claro.

Mr. Balussi commented that a leading company of pulses production and exports based in Cordoba is already using this technology. “It’s necessary to clarify that the data is not transmitted by the web, but by an intranet provided by Claro. Nobody can access to the data except the manager”, explained.

Another use of this technology is the online monitoring of farm machinery labor. “You can know the planting speed or how fertilizers or herbicides are applying; also you can know the gasoil consumed or if the machinery was working continually or not”, commented Balussi and Guglielmucci.

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