Rizobacter’ inoculant arrives to Scottish soybean production

(Photo: image of the soybean trial in Balruddery in the latest summer)

Buenos Aires, January 11th. The largest soybean inoculant producer in Argentina, Rizobacter, announces that its product it is testing in the soybean production of Dundee, in the Scottish Lowlands.

According to the company press release, since 2016 a group of researchers from the James Hutton Institute is trying to improve de soybean production in this place, at 56 North Latitude. The strategy is planting 000 Group Maturity varieties at a density of 150 kilograms per hectare, to harvest the crop when the pods are still green, to use as human food known as “edamame”.

Rizobacter was selected as the supplier of the inoculant, Rizoliq TOP. Fields essays run during 2018 found that soybean treated with the inoculant doubled the production respect the non-treated crop. Warm and dry weather conditions during the crop season permitted to obtain a commercial production, encouraging the farmers to plant soybean at his high latitude.

Visit Rizobacter website: www.rizobacter.com.ar


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