Rizobacter helps African farmers to enhance their soybean crops via the inoculation

(Photo: African Manager from Rizobacter, Ignacio Ardanaz, inspecting legumes crop with local farmers)

Buenos Aires, February 14th. The largest Argentine inoculants manufacturer, Rizobacter, announced that its leading inoculants brand Rizoliq Soy was approved by the regulatory authority of Tanzania to commercialize it in that country.

The company based at Pergamino city (Buenos Aires province) has agreed with SeedCo, one of the largest African seed company, a partnership alliance. “The association between two companies is the key to offer to Tanzanian farmers the better soybean genetic, well adapted to the local environment, and the most reliable rhizobium inoculants product”, the press statement said.

The Rizobacter’s press release remarks the support of the FIPS Africa (Farm Inputs Promotions Africa), an NGO to promote the input use by farmers. “FIPS has a large team of 1,600 promoters in communal farms, which 450 of them operates in districts where soybean is cropped”.

“A close work with they will make it possible the adoption of this technology (the soybean seed inoculation) by small farmers in Tanzania”, regional manager from Rizobacter, Ignacio Ardanaz, said.

The Rizobacter officials remarked also the role of N2Africa, an NGO linked to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, to promote the use of the legume inoculation between African farmers.

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