Real Canadian Superstore Price Matching : New Policy Changes

The Real Canadian Superstore, a popular retail giant in Canada, has recently introduced significant changes to its price-matching policy, leaving many shoppers perplexed about how the new rules affect them. In this article, we’ll explore the latest updates to the price matching policy, understand the criteria for qualifying items, and learn how to price match at Superstore effectively.

Understanding the New Price Matching Policy

Changes in How the Policy is Applied

The Real Canadian Superstore emphasizes that it will match a competitor’s advertised price only during the effective date of its print advertisement. The application of the policy has been revised, and it’s essential to be aware of the updates to ensure a successful price match.

Determining Major Supermarket Competitors

The eligibility for price matching is determined solely by Superstore based on various factors that may change occasionally. We’ll delve into the process of identifying major supermarket competitors and the significance of this determination.

Consideration of Local Competition

Local competition plays a vital role in the price-matching policy. We’ll explore how sister stores, including No Frills, FreshCo, and Foodland, are considered for price matching. However, there might be restrictions if these stores are too far from your vicinity.

Real Canadian Superstore Price Matching

Exclusions from Price Matching

Despite the broad scope of the policy, there are certain exclusions to be aware of. Discover which stores are not eligible for price matching and why these exceptions exist.

Limitations on Coupon Quantities

Superstore has also implemented restrictions on coupon quantities, which might affect your price-matching strategy. We’ll clarify what these limitations mean for savvy shoppers.

What Stores Qualify for Price Matching

Sister Stores Under the “Loblaws” Umbrella

Superstore is part of the “Loblaws” family, which includes various sister stores. Understanding the relationship between these stores is essential when considering price-matching opportunities.

Price Matching with Canadian Tire

One common question is whether the Superstore price matches Canadian Tire, a prominent retailer with diverse offerings. We’ll clarify this matter and the specifics of price matching with Canadian Tire products.

Limit on the Number of Items Price Matched

A rumor about Superstore not price-matching more than four items, regardless of variety, has been circulating. We’ll examine the validity of this claim and shed light on any restrictions concerning the number of items you can price match.

The Importance of Checking the Store List

Superstore maintains a list of eligible stores for price-matching purposes. Familiarizing yourself with this list can streamline your price-matching experience, and we’ll show you where to find it.

How to Price Match at Superstore

Step-by-Step Guide to Price Matching

Price matching can be a straightforward process when you follow the right steps. We’ll provide a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the price-matching procedure effectively.

Seeking Manager Assistance

If you encounter any issues during the price matching process, seeking manager assistance can be advantageous. Discover why and how to approach a manager for help.

Presenting the Price Match Request

Crafting an effective price match request is crucial for a successful outcome. We’ll share tips on presenting your price match request to store personnel confidently.

Advantages of Price Matching at Superstore

Finding Great Deals and Savings

Price matching at Superstore allows you to find great deals and significant savings. We’ll explain how you can make the most of this policy to maximize your budget.

Convenience and One-Stop Shopping

Superstore’s price matching policy enhances the convenience of one-stop shopping. Explore the benefits of getting all your shopping done in one place with added savings.

Enhancing Customer Loyalty

The price matching policy is just one of the ways Superstore strives to maintain customer loyalty. Learn how this policy and other customer-focused initiatives create a loyal customer base.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How often does Superstore update its price matching policy?

Superstore typically reviews and updates its price matching policy periodically. It’s essential to stay informed about any changes to ensure you’re aware of the latest guidelines.

Can I use coupons with a price-matched item?

Yes, in most cases, you can use coupons with a price-matched item, maximizing your savings. However, there may be limitations on coupon quantities, as mentioned in the policy.

Does the price matching policy vary by province?

No, the price matching policy is consistent across all Superstore locations in Canada. However, specific exclusions and eligibility criteria might vary based on local competition.

Can I price match online retailers at Superstore?

Superstore’s price matching policy primarily focuses on local competitors’ print advertisements. As a result, online retailers are generally not eligible for price matching.

Is there a maximum price difference for items eligible for price matching?

Superstore does not specify a maximum price difference for items eligible for price matching. However, the price difference should be reasonable and within the scope of the policy.


In conclusion, understanding the recent changes to the Real Canadian Superstore’s price matching policy is crucial for savvy shoppers looking to make the most of their purchases. By knowing the qualifying stores, following the proper procedure, and being aware of the limitations, you can take advantage of the price-matching opportunities available. Happy shopping!

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1. Is the price matching policy valid for online purchases at Superstore?

No, Superstore’s price-matching policy primarily applies to competitor’s print advertisements from local stores. Online purchases are generally not eligible for price matching.

2. Can I price-match an item after purchasing Superstore?

No, Superstore’s price matching policy requires you to present the price match request before purchasing. Post-purchase price adjustments are not typically allowed.


Are clearance or sale items eligible for price matching?

No, Superstore’s price matching policy usually does not apply to clearance or sale items. The policy typically focuses on regular-priced items from eligible competitors.

4. How long does the price matching process take at Superstore?

The time required for the price-matching process can vary based on factors like store traffic and the complexity of the request. Generally, the process is relatively quick and efficient.

5. Can I price match an item if it’s out of stock at Superstore?

No, Superstore’s price matching policy requires the identical product to be in stock and available for purchase at both the Superstore and the competitor’s store at the time of the price match request. Does the price matching policy apply to clearance or sale items?

Superstore’s price matching policy usually does not extend to clearance or sale items. Price matching is typically applicable to regular-priced items advertised by local competitors.

4. How long will the price match be processed at Superstore take?

The processing time for a price match at Superstore may vary based on store volume and complexity. In most cases, the price match should be completed during checkout.

5. Can I price match an item from a store not listed on Superstore’s approved store list?

No, Superstore’s price matching policy is limited to approved stores listed in their policy. Ensure you check the approved store list to determine eligibility for price matching.

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  1. More money-grab from the greedy and selfish Galen Weston! Many of us, and I have spoken with quite a few, believe the friendly persona he puts forward in his ads is fake. Superstore has jacked up the prices of may items in the name of “inflation”. Good excuse. We are going to be surprising superstore with a groundswell of requests to the government to stop this parasitic behaviour. The most recent outrage is Superstore not price-matching with stores such as London Drugs EVEN IF they have a sale item that Superstore carries. I don’t know if they price match Wal-Mart, either? I did a thorough search on the Web for the list of stores Superstore does not price match, and as expected, there is no such list published on the Web. They want us to go into the store and make a scene with the manager! How ridiculous! We know how to treat Superstore – with our pocketbooks, as they are not the only game in town!


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