Perseverance: Life Lessons On Leadership and Teamwork (Book excerpt)

When a passionate vision is combined with a proactive daily attempt to succeed, the vision will manifest itself into reality. To make these visions a reality, great leaders have a variety of people around them with diverse backgrounds and experiences.

If you get a chance to “coach on the other side,” take it because much can be learned just by observing other aspects or perspectives of what you do on a daily basis. For example, if you are a writer, read a book; if you are a boss, be the employee.

Before you can win, you need to learn how not to lose and seeing things from all angles gives you this ability. If you fail, don’t dwell on it, channel the energy and refocus on the vision or goal and how to accomplish it. Worrying about what failure will bring only saps you of the energy you need to get better today.

This book excerpt is from Perseverance: Life Lesson on Leadership and Teamwork which can be purchased at Amazon.

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