New Diabetes Treatment Guidelines Align with Get Real Product Features

New Diabetes Treatment Guidelines Align with Get Real Product Features

This year, The American Diabetes Association updated the Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes and what was number one on the list of improvements?


The new guidelines “suggest that as technology advances, so too does our ability to manage diabetes.” This philosophy is at the heart of the product vision Get Real Health has been employing for years.

Diabetes is perfectly suited for remote technology as diabetics are monitoring readings and levels routinely at home. Technology allows these readings to be uploaded for easier tracking and expedient crisis intervention when necessary.

However, not all health technology is created equally and the usability of a product is tantamount to its usefulness to the entire care circle.

Our Ellie product is particularly suited to this type of data exchange between patients and practitioners. The thrust is that everyone benefits when patients can self-monitor health levels with the ability to relay them in real-time to their care team.

The new guidelines go on to state that providing patients with the ability to access their health data and the digital tools to use that data in a meaningful way can improve diabetes care and perhaps even lower health care costs.

And we couldn’t agree more!

Tools such as health journals, clear iconography and simple charts and graphs help patients navigate diabetes symptoms and treatment plan. In fact, the Ellie platform allows care givers to craft an individual care plan for every patient and the means to communicate it through secure messaging.

The Diabetic Association also recommends digital educational content as an enhancement to in-person visits. Ellie will tailor and deliver relevant content into a patient’s record making pertinent information just a click away.

A diabetes diagnosis is no longer the daily burden it once was and advances in technology and research are at the core of this change. We at Get Real Health are proud to develop products that not only mirror the goals of the American Diabetes Association but more importantly, enable diabetics to live full, rewarding lives.

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