Mary Browns Coupons for Canada – Save in July 2023

Hey there, chicken lovers! You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for mouthwatering deals on Mary Browns Chicken in Canada. Peggy Boland here, and today I’m thrilled to share some exciting ways to save on your favorite chicken meals. Whether it’s crispy chicken, flavorful taters, or delightful sandwiches, Mary Browns has covered you. This article explores how you can save big with Mary Browns coupons, their fantastic mobile App, and the reward points system. So, let’s dive in!

Mary Brown App Special on Chicken

Are you a fan of Mary Browns Chicken and want to score some fantastic deals? Look no further than the Mary Browns Canada App! With this incredible App, you’ll gain access to exclusive mobile app promos and discounts that will leave your taste buds craving more. Check out some of the irresistible offers available:

  • Batters Box (6 PC Chicken side/Grave, biscuits $19.99
  • Snack and Pop Starting at just $3.99 on the Mobile App only
  • 3 Piece Chicken Meal, tators, and side starting at $15.99
  • Grab 12 pieces of Mary’s Signature Chicken for $28.99 when you order on the App.

Don’t miss out on these mouthwatering deals! Get the Mary Browns App for iOS or Google Play today and start saving on your chicken cravings.

Mary Brown’s Points Reward System

At Mary Browns, they believe in rewarding their loyal customers generously. The Mary Browns Points Reward System is a fantastic way to earn free items with every purchase. Here’s how it works:

  • Earn 12 Points for Each $1.00 you spend.
  • Points will never expire as long as your account is active.
  • Receive free product rewards when you reach the desired reward level.

The rewards include delicious treats like a FREE Big Mary when you first load the App, Small gravy, Apple pie, Small taters, Bottle of Pepsi, Sidekick sandwich original, Pickle chips, Crispy Chicken Twists, Small tater poutine, Big Mary, Chicken wrap, Large chicken pop-ins, Six pieces of Signature chicken, Nine fragments of Signature chicken, 13 pieces of Signature chicken, and 18 pieces of Signature chicken.

Big Mary Monday

Mary Browns Coupons

Mondays just got better with the Big Mary Monday offer! Treat yourself to a delightful Big Mary, original or spicy, for only $4.99 every Monday. It’s the perfect deal to kickstart your week with a tasty lunch bite. And if you’re in the mood for something extra, pair it up with Tator Tots for the ultimate chicken craving satisfaction.

Limited Time Deal on Mary’s Chicken and Waffle Fries

Not a fan of apps cluttering your phone? No worries! You can still enjoy fantastic deals at Mary Browns. For a limited time, indulge in 2 pieces of Mary’s Chicken and an order of Waffle Fries for just $6.99. Head to your nearest Mary Browns location and savor this mouthwatering combo while it lasts!

How to Save with Mary Browns Coupons

There are multiple ways to save big with Mary Browns coupons, and I’ll take you through each one step by step!

Mary Browns Rewards Mobile Application

One of the most rewarding ways to save is through the Mary Browns Rewards Mobile Application. Earn points for real-world adventures and redeem them for discounts on your favorite Mary Browns treats. The App also helps you find deals and offers at nearby locations, making it a must-have for all chicken enthusiasts. And the best part? It’s free!

Mary Browns Coupons with Emails

If you’re a fan of weekly deals and special promotions, signing up for Mary Browns Coupons with Emails is a no-brainer. Get exciting limited-time offers straight to your inbox and enjoy tasty innovations at discounted prices.

Mary Browns Promo Code

While Mary Brown doesn’t offer promo codes in Canada, you won’t feel left out. The Rewards Points system on the App brings you exclusive specials delivered right to your email. For instance, choose your favorite snacks: 2 for $9.99 with tiny tater tots and a pop can!

Mary Browns Specials

Before you visit your nearest Mary Browns location, don’t forget to check their website’s “Offers” section. Here, you’ll find all the current specials available, helping you save on your next visit.

Mary Browns Coupons with Social Media

Keep an eye on Mary Brown’s social media channels for unique deals and promotions. Their Facebook page is a treasure trove of savings waiting to be explored.

Take The Survey

Have you recently dined at Mary Browns? Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take the TELLMARY Survey. Doing so lets you enjoy a fantastic 15% off on your next visit.

Mary Browns Rewards Points System

The Mary Browns Mobile Rewards Point System is a game-changer for those who are always on the go. You get a Free Mary Sandwich just for joining and earn more free food with every purchase through the App.

Mary Brown’s Story

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the rich history of Mary Browns Chicken. This delightful culinary adventure began over 95 locations across Canada, starting at the Golden Skillet Restaurant in 1964. The mouthwatering taste of their chicken quickly captured the hearts and taste buds of Canadians everywhere, and Mary Browns expanded its menu to include signature creations like delicious chicken burgers and irresistible Tater Tot Poutine. And if you have dietary restrictions, fret not! Mary Browns offers gluten-free buns, ensuring everyone can indulge in delectable meals.

How It’s Made

Ever wonder how Mary Browns gets their chicken just right? The secret lies in their meticulous process. Each piece of Grade, A chicken is cut by hand and marinated in a special sauce, making it tender and flavorful. To ensure a perfect bite every time, they individually coat each piece of chicken with their signature seasoning. It’s a dedication to quality that sets Mary Browns apart.

How Are Taters Made?

Mary Browns is not just about the chicken; they’ve also mastered making the best taters in town. During the great depression, Mary Browns found a way to provide for her family by creating delicious taters that were comforting and filling. These taters have stood the test of time, pleasing taste buds for over a hundred years. And the best part? They’re fat-free, making them a guilt-free delight!


And there you have it, folks! A finger-licking, money-saving guide to Mary Browns Coupons for Canada. With the incredible Mary Browns Canada App, rewarding Points System, and unbeatable deals, your love for chicken got even better. So, what are you waiting for? Download the App, explore the offers, and treat yourself to the heavenly taste of Mary Browns Chicken today!

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  1. Are Mary Browns coupons available throughout the year? Yes, Mary Browns frequently offers coupons and deals for its loyal customers. Check their App and website regularly to stay updated on the latest promotions.
  2. Can I combine multiple Mary Browns coupons in a single order? Unfortunately, most coupons cannot be combined with other offers. It’s best to check the terms and conditions of each coupon to see if they can be used together.
  3. Do Mary Browns rewards points expire? Your Mary Browns rewards points will not expire as long as your account remains active. So, keep enjoying those delicious meals and earning those points!
  4. Can I use the Mary Browns Canada App at any location? Yes, the Mary Browns Canada App can be used at participating locations across Canada. Check the App for nearby restaurants and start earning rewards.
  5. Does Mary Browns offer any vegetarian options? While Mary Browns is famous for its delectable chicken dishes, they offer a few vegetarian options, including its tasty Tater Tot Poutine. Check their menu for more delightful choices!

So, enjoy the delightful savings and delicious meals at Mary Browns Chicken. Happy munching!

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