Little Caesars Coupons Canada – Save Big on Pizza!

Are you a pizza lover looking to satisfy your cravings without breaking the bank? Well, you’re in luck! Little Caesars, the beloved pizza chain, has an array of amazing deals and promo codes that will make your taste buds dance, and your wallet rejoice. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of Little Caesars coupons in Canada, exploring the latest promotions and mouthwatering offers that will leave you wanting more.

Whether you’re a fan of their famous Hot n Ready pizzas or excited to try their new Pretzel Crust Pizza, we’ve covered you with the best savings tips and tricks. So, get ready to discover a pizza paradise as we unravel the delightful world of Little Caesar’s discounts!

How to Find Little Caesars Coupons Canada

1. Keep an Eye on Monthly Deals and Promo Codes

Little Caesars regularly treats its customers with exciting monthly deals and promo codes that can lead to significant savings. Whether you prefer Thin Crust Pizza, Specialty Pizzas, or even Crazy Puffs Bundles, these deals are designed to cater to every pizza enthusiast’s preferences. So, stay tuned and never miss a chance to grab your favorite pizzas at discounted prices.

2. Subscribe to Little Caesars Pizza Canada Newsletter

Signing up for Little Caesars Pizza Canada Newsletter can be a game-changer when securing exclusive offers. For example, by joining their newsletter, you can score a delightful treat of free Crazy Bread with your next Little Caesars pizza purchase through a Pickup Order. It’s a win-win situation – enjoy delicious pizza and get a complimentary treat!

Little Caesars Coupons Canada

3. Embrace the Little Caesars Mobile App

Welcome to the ultimate pizza paradise! The Little Caesars Canadian Mobile App makes ordering a breeze and unlocks a treasure trove of exclusive discounts and coupons. Whether you prefer picking up your pizza or delivering it to your doorstep, this app covers you. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to save while savoring your favorite pizza.

4. Follow Little Caesars on Social Media

If you’re not one to download apps or subscribe to newsletters, fret not! Little Caesars regularly shares time-limited specials and promo codes on its website and social media platforms. From crazy combos to irresistible slices n stix, keeping an eye on their social media can lead to delicious discoveries and mouthwatering savings.

Fundraising with Little Caesars Pizza Kits

Are you part of a school or non-profit organization looking for a tasty and exciting way to raise funds? Little Caesars has got you covered! Their Fundraising Kit offers pizza kits to help you raise money for your cause. With delicious pizzas that come frozen and can last for several days in the fridge, these kits will surely be a hit among supporters and pizza enthusiasts alike.


  1. How long do Little Caesars pizza kits last?

    • Little Caesar’s pizza kits can last a few days in the fridge, allowing you to enjoy fresh and tasty pizzas at your convenience.
  2. Do Little Caesars pizza kits come frozen?

    • Yes, the pizza kits come frozen, ensuring the pizzas maintain quality and taste until you’re ready to bake and savor them.
  3. How many pizzas are in Little Caesar’s pizza kits?

    • Each Little Caesars pizza kit includes three delicious pizzas, providing enough variety for everyone to find their favorite.
  4. How many Little Caesars locations are there in Canada?

    • As of 2023, 309 Little Caesars locations are spread across all ten Canadian provinces, making it convenient for pizza lovers nationwide.
  5. What other food coupons can I find for Canada?

    • Apart from Little Caesars, numerous other food coupons and deals are available across Canada. Keep exploring and indulge in various culinary delights without stretching your budget.


Pizza nights, you just got much more excited with Little Caesars Coupons in Canada! You can enjoy mouthwatering pizzas while saving on your orders by staying updated with monthly deals, subscribing to their newsletter, or using the mobile app. Don’t forget to follow them on social media for exclusive offers and limited-time specials.

And for schools and non-profit organizations, Little Caesars’ Fundraising Kit is a fantastic way to raise funds and treat your supporters to delicious pizza kits. So, what are you waiting for? Dive into Little Caesars Coupons and embark on a pizza adventure like never before!

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  1. Can I combine multiple Little Caesars coupons on one order?

    • Unfortunately, Little Caesars usually allows only one coupon or promo code per order. However, always read the terms and conditions to check for any exceptions.
  2. Are Little Caesars Coupons applicable to online orders as well?

    • Yes, most Little Caesars Coupons in Canada are valid for in-store and online orders, ensuring you can enjoy the savings no matter how you dine.
  3. Do Little Caesars Coupons have an expiration date?

    • Like all good things, Little Caesars Coupons come with an expiration date. Use them before they expire to take advantage of the delicious discounts.
  4. Can I use Little Caesars Coupons in combination with other promotions?

    • Little Caesars may have specific terms for combining coupons with other ongoing promotions. Be sure to check the details of each offer to see if they can be used together.
  5. What is Little Caesars’ policy on delivery fees?

    • Delivery fees may vary depending on your location and the Little Caesars restaurant you order from. Check with your local outlet to find out their delivery fee policy.

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