Life After the Game: Curling Olympic Medalist Carolyn McRorie

Imagine stopping to pick up a Starbuck’s coffee and everyone in the shop begins passionately singing ‘O Canada’. That’s exactly what happened to Carolyn McRorie during the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver. McRorie was part of the Cheryl Bernard skipped team that won the Silver Medal that year, and which was one of the many wonderful memories McRorie has from her curling journey.

McRorie was attracted to curling early in life, as her Mom won the Manitoba Provincial’s. “While I was attending university, I was on the bonspiel circuit and played with my Mom.” After playing for Renelle Bryden, McRorie joined Bernard’s team in 2005 winning two Alberta provincial championships (2007 and 2009).

The time invested to get to that level was significant. “I’d work 7am-3pm, then would throw rocks for two hours on top of looking after my family. On the weekends, if we didn’t have a bonspiel, there would be team practices.

Off ice, there were regular workouts that foucused on the legs and core as well as working with a sports psychologist, focusing on relaxation, visualization and affirmations.”

When asked about her memories of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics in addition to picking up coffee, she recalls the singing of ‘O Canada’ before the matches and how loud it got during the game against Germany. “It was crazy, it was so loud. We couldn’t hear one another!”

Today, McRorie works with her husband in their business Canadian Decal in Calgary. She still has a passion for curling and volunteers when she can, including promoting curling in Raleigh,NC at the Triangle Curling Club in conjunction with the World Curling Federation. “In the future I may get my get my coaching levels,” McRorie states.

The game has evolved since my competition days. There’s more money for bonspiels, so elite performers can now curl full time. The sweeping material on brooms has changed so overall teams are better.

So what thoughts would McRorie share with future curlers? ” Follow your dream, believe in yourself and enjoy the journey.”

Who knows, one day that could lead to being serenaded with ‘O Canada’.


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