Know the Argentinean biodiesel exporters ranking affected by the new export taxes

Buenos Aires, May 30th. During 2017, Argentinean biodiesel industry reached a production record of 2.87 million metric tons, surpassing the previous one of 2.58 MMT during 2014.

Around 43% of the production was destined to the mandatory blending with diesel and the remaining 57% was exported worth 1.2 billion dollars. The mandatory blend are supplied by mediun and small plants, property of local owners. Instead of this, exports are running by counto of large global companies as Cargill, Louis Dreyfus Commodities or Cofco.

But export industry are facing the impose of antidumping duties both from US and European Union, that involves commercial disputes at the WTO. This week (May 28th) Macri’s Administration decided impose a new export tax to biodiesel exports, rising the aliquot from 8% to 15%, believing Trump’s Administration will re-open the US market to local biodiesel as export tax “converge” with soybean and soybean oil export taxes,

But, wich are de companies based in Argentina involved in this game? accessed to the Energy and Mining Ministry data ,that show during 2017 six companies produced 1.69 MMT of biodiesel, but they didn’t destined it to mandatory blend, i.e. they exported it. The largest exporter was LDC SA with a mega-plant at General Lagos (Santa Fe Province) with an annual production capacity of 600,000 tons.

The second exporter resulted being Renova, a JV between local oilseed industry Vicentin and Glencore via its controlled Oleaginosas Moreno, with a facility at Puerto San Lorenzo, also in Santa Fe Province.

The third was T6 Industrial, an alliance between Bunge and local oilseed industry Aceitera General Deheza, with a soybean oil complex in Puerto General San Martin (Santa Fe Province).

Finally, Cargill, Patagonia Bioenergía and chinese Cofco close the list, with export between 150,000 and 170,000 tons each one.


Chart I: Biodiesel production during 2017 (tons)

*Not sold to mandatory blend. Source Energy and Mining Ministry


With the new tax framework it would be possible that biodiesel exports will plunged this year, think Gustavo Idigoras, manager of Oilseed Industry Chamber. It happens that 15% local export tax must be added to import tariff and antidumping duties in the European Union, rising total taxes to 30 percent.



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