Interview with the Beachcomber’s Jackson Davies on Book Launch

I recently spoke with Jackson Davies, who you may know as Constable John, in regards to the launch of the new Beachcombers book ,”Bruno and the Beach: The Beachcombers at 40“. For a show that was expected to last a year, it ended up running for an amazing 19 years. The book launch was planning an event in November at Molly’s Reach in Gibson, BC.

“I started thinking about a book back in 2002 during the 30th Anniversary,” Davies comments. “I was involved in a documentary and a 30th movies, so the book kind of got pushed to the side.” A couple of years ago Marc Strange, who was the co-creator, asked me to be part of this project. I had spoken earlier with Harbour Publishing, which is located close to Gibson, BC and they really liked the idea for the book.”

“For me personally, it brought back a lot of great memories and a reconnection with fans. Social media has played a big role in that process.” Davies is an honorary Sergeant of the RCMP.

The book shares a lot about Bruno and behind the scenes stories and photos. “The series also offered a lot with respect to cultural tourism and cultural history,” Davies shared. The show ran between 1971-1990 so there were a lot of different hair styles and different clothes styles. First Nation issues were also addressed in later years, which I think was important. The show was carried in countries all around the world including Germany and Australia.”

Asked about what’s next for the legacy of the Beachcombers, Davies spoke about a collection of 360 episodes. “We’re really looking at finding a partner to get these episodes on DVD’s.” For a show that lasted 19 years, I’m sure anything is possible.

About the Book:

Bruno and the Beach is a lively, highly illustrated book celebrating the fortieth anniversary of Canada’s longest running dramatic TV production, The Beachcombers, which aired on CBC TV from 1972 to 1990.

The remarkable saga of The Beachcombers–or “Beach,” as it was called by both industry insiders and locals of the seaside town of Gibsons, BC, where the series was located–would never have unfolded without the show’s larger-than-life star, Bruno Gerussi (Nick Adonidas). His passionate battles to keep the show on air for nearly twenty years were as dramatic as anything that occurred on camera.

Groundbreaking for its First Nations content and notable for an outstanding supporting cast that includes Robert Clothier (Relic), Pat John (Jesse) and Rae Brown (Molly), The Beachcombers is a Canadian treasure that became famous around the world. Generously illustrated with photos and memorabilia, Bruno and the Beach includes insiders’ anecdotes, Beachcombers trivia, production crew pranks and personal stories of the folks who appeared on both sides of the camera.

Written by co-creator Marc Strange and series actor Jackson Davies (Constable John Constable), this book offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the lives of those who gathered at Molly’s Reach and shaped a national pastime.

Foreword by Michael J. Fox.

Buy the book here.


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