Interview with NB Minister Victor Boudreau

The Honorable Victor Boudreau Minister New Brunswick

Liberal MLA Victor Éric Boudreau was elected to represent the constituency of Shediac–Cap-Pelé in the 55th Legislature in a by-election held on October 4, 2004.Victor Boudreau was named Minister of Business New Brunswick.

Business New Brunswick

Population: 730,000
Capital City: Fredericton, NB

US Exports: $10.1 billion

July 1st, the general corporate income tax rate in New Brunswick was reduced from 13 to 12%. It will continue to be lowered every July 1st until it reaches 8% in 2012.

5 Reasons to Be In New Brunswick

1. Global transportation hub and same-day access to 100 million North Americans.
2. Experience, educated and bilingual workers.
3. Province-wide broadband and wireless access.
4. Reduce labour and total costs by as much as 30%.
5. Economical, reliable and sustainable supply of energy.

Business Environment:  Canada was ranked 2nd  of 181 countries in a 2009 “Best Country to Start a Business” by

Top Industries:  In terms of paid employees, according to a Statistics Canada 2009 study: (1) trade; (2) health care and social assistance; (3) manufacturing; (4) educational services; and (5) construction.

Service Industry:  The service industry is the leading job producer in New Brunswick, dominated by health care services, the education industry and the insurance, finance and real estate sector.

Agriculture:  New Brunswick’s heavily forested central regions are the center of the province’s valuable forestry industry. Mixed and dairy farms are also important to the province’s agriculture, found primarily in the northwest Saint John River valley region.

Manufacturing:  As expected, the food processing and wood harvesting enterprises are New Brunswick’s leading manufacturing sectors.

Mining:  New Brunswick includes a variety of mineral resources, including valuable fuels such as oil and natural gas along with precious metals including silver and gold. Significant natural gas reserves have been discovered in the Sussex area, which are utilized both domestically and internationally.

Fishing:  As a maritime province, New Brunswick maintains a valuable fish catch that includes lobster, scallops and king crab. The province is a leading Canadian exporter of fish and seafood.

Did You Know?  New Brunswick is considered to be one of the most internet-connected regions of the world, with over 90% of homes and businesses utilizing some sort of internet connection.


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