Indigo launchs a new biological treatment for cotton seeds

(Photo: Pablo Vaquero, left, and Carlos Becco, right, during the media presentation)

Buenos Aires, September 14th. After launching a disruptive microbiological technology for soybeans and wheat, now Indigo Ag is presenting biological treatment to cotton seeds. “Indigo Algodón (the Spanish name of cotton) is a combination of microorganism that enhance the crop tolerance againts abiotic factors like drought or heat”, the manager of Indigo Argentina branch, Carlos Becco, said at the media presentation.

The company launched its technology in association with the unique and leading cotton breeding company in the country, Gensus. “This cotton campaign represents a breaking point in the history of this crop”, Pablo Vaquero, manager at Gensus, explained. “Area is expanding thanks to a better seed offer and a firm international prices, but new technologies as Indigo Algodon are providing farmers with new tools for a better agronomic performance; hence, local producers will be able to meet both domestic market and export demands”, Vaquero added.

Becco and Vaquero remembered the new cotton scenario in Argentina: “The new model is signed by large crop extensions, a more technified farmer and new investment in the industry, that return international competitiviness to the cotton chain”, closed the executives.

This season, cotton producers will be able to access to certified seed (legal bags) prevously treated with Indigo Algodón.

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