HarvXtra alfalfa will commercialize next autumn in Argentina

(Photo: Angel Pacheco, chairman of Agvance, local dealer of WL Alfalfa brand)

Buenos Aires, November 14th. The low lignin content alfalfa will be release for Argentine famers early next year, the Agvance general manager Angel Pacheco told to the media this week.

“We saw a great enthusiasm for the HarvXtra technology, in our meetings with the farmers. We are very proud to collaborate with Forage Genetic and Bioceres, who worked in the desregulatory process and who will assure that farmers use this technology in a responsible way”, Mr. Pacheco affirmed.

“HarvXtra alfalfa also contents the Roundup Ready trait that confers the crop glyphosate tolerance. This crop will come to farmers via de WL Alfalfa brand, for its planting in 2019.

Agvance is the exclusive dealer for HarvXtra in the country, who commercializes WL alfalfas in Argentina since 2004. “We will commercialize the HarvXtra technology in two varieties”, the company explains.

This technology enhance the nutritional quality of the crop, by the reduction of its lignin content.

This brings farmers a high flexibility management, since they can maitein its alfalfa cut cronogram enhancing quality in the forage or delaying the cut without a quality sacrifice. “This is the largest advance that seed industry never had seen”, general manager of Forage Genetics International, Steve Welker said in a press release.

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