Clearing the Ice with Hockey Rock Band- The Zambonis

If there was a Hall of Fame for hockey rock bands, you’d have to consider the Zambonis at the top of the list. The band of 6 plus a mascot, hail from Bridgeport, Connecticut. Band leader Dave Schneider comments that they are consistently infamous!

It’s not uncommon for people to say “Hey, I’ve heard of you guys”. That’s very possible, since they’ve been playing hockey songs since 1991. Some of their fan favourites include ‘Hockey Monkey’, which has been featured on Fox and Nickelodeon, ‘Bob Marley and the ‘Hartford Whalers’ and the ‘Referee’s Daughter’. During the past 20 years, they’ve written over 180 hockey songs with quite a few new songs to be released.

Hockey and rock often go together. While it would be easy to imagine the Hansen brothers forming a band, some players actually enjoying jamming in the off season. Schneider mentions performing with former Boston Bruin, Joe Juneau and Detroit Red Wing alum, Darrin McCarthy.

While it was tough to pin the Zambonis on their favourite team, they have written tribute songs for the Colorado Avalanche, Boston Bruins, Carolina Hurricanes and Minor league team, the Texas Tornadoes.

When asked about the who would be included on the All Star Team of hockey rock songs, Schneider responded,  Johnny Hansen’s ‘Puck Rock Vol. 1’; Jughead’s, ‘The Hockey Song’; Two Man Advantage (hockey punk band) and the Tragically Hip with the classic ’50 Mission Cap’. As a bonus, Schneider includes the song “The Penalty Box” from 1970’s enforcer, Dave Schultz, who played for the Philadelphia Flyers otherwise known as the “Broad Street Bullies”.

Zamboni fans can look forward to upcoming songs that include ‘World Wind the Ballad of Godzy’ (Eric Godard) and ‘I’ve Got a Concussion over You’.


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