Canadian Mark Sears Shares the Cloud Factory Story

In 2008 my wife and I came to Nepal for a 2 week vacation that we extended to 4 weeks, then to 3 months and now 5 years later we are still here and loving every minute of it. A few weeks after arriving I began training 3 young software developers in Ruby on Rails around a small kitchen table. Since then we have trained over 50 software developers that are responsible for architecting, building and maintaining CloudFactory. We have also raised up around 3000 data operators, or cloud workers as we like to call ourselves, across Nepal and Kenya.

It is amazing what happens when you give someone in the developing world some training and an opportunity

Over the last 5 years I have witnessed the incredible talent, motivation and potential of people in Nepal, Kenya and other developing nations, and yet they are cut off from the global economy. Many were educated in English schools, earned a bachelor’s or even master’s degree, use Facebook daily and yet there is hardly any job opportunities for them (unemployment rates of 40%+).

The saddest thing about poverty is wasted talent. Unlocking this human potential is the driving force behind CloudFactory where we aim to connect 1 million people to basic computer work over the next 5 years.

We have 120 core staff that come to the office every day believing they can change the world. All that we have learned the last few years by training people up, giving them an opportunity, loving them and equipping them to contribute their talent to the world is the same DNA we are passing on to the teams of cloud workers we are raising up. Every week all the teams meet face to face for 2 hours to discuss their performance, exchange knowledge about the tasks in the system, and spend time discussing CloudFactory’s weekly character principle to become better leaders. Every six weeks each team heads out into their community to serve and give back to those in even greater need.

We are trying to build a company that transforms us, our clients’ businesses, and the communities we operate in. We invite you to join the adventure by finding ways your business can benefit from how we have reinvented business process outsourcing from the ground up.

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