Bioheuris accesses to CRISPR 3.0 technology from Benson Hill Biosystems

Buenos Aires, May 17th. Bioheuris, the genetic edition start-up based at Rosario (Argentina), reached an agreement with Benson Hill Biosystems (Saint Louis, US) to license them CRISPR 3.0 technology, the ultimate and powerful gene edition tool to develop non-GMO crops.

“We define ourselves as a company focused on developing herbicide-tolerance crops by gene edition. Currently, we are working with three families of herbicides mode of action and three crops: sorghum, soybean and wheat”, says Rinaldo Gosparini, Business Advisor at Bioheuris in dialogue with

“This agreement with BHB implies the use of a technology granted by royalties, e.i. provides an IPR (intellectual property rights)  framework”, added Mr. Gosparini.

Bioheuris has a strategic alliance with Rotam, the crop protection company, to develop non-GMO herbicide-tolerant soybean, in the same way that Rotam did it in alliance with Cibus to obtain herbicide sulfonylurea resistant rapeseed. The germplasm will be provided by Semillero Santa Rosa, a breeding company based at Santa Fe Province. Bioheuris made a prior consulting with Biotechnology Office at the Agindustry Ministry to know if this development were considered a GMO or not.  In August 2017, the Office concluded that GMO regulation does not apply to this development, what implies a lower cost and lower time to arrive at the markets.

Moreover, in late 2017, Bioheuris announced the installation of its R+D laboratories in the facilities of INDEAR (Rosario Agbiotechnology Institute), to access to high tech equipment.

“For decades, advanced genomics R&D was limited to just a handful of large multi-national companies working on just a few crops, “said Carlos Perez, CEO and co-founder of Bioheuris in a press statement just after the firm of the agreement. “Benson Hill’s CRISPR 3.0 technology equips our scientists to develop the herbicide-tolerance targets farmers need using faster, less costly non-GMO methods. The ability to access such cutting-edge science through a truly fair and equitable partnership is the model our industry needs to bring real choice and profitability to farmers.”

Contact Mr. Gosparini: [email protected]

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