Argentina to ban carbofuran and other pesticides

The National Food Safety and Quality Service (Senasa as its Spanish acronym) is intending to ban the commercialization and use of the carbofuran, carbolsulfan, diazinon, aldicarb and dicofol pesticides. Until May 18th a draft of a new resolution will be putting to public consideration before it takes a legal status.

In the considerations of the draft, the Senasa explain that Argentina suscribe to Rotterdam Convention, in relation with internacional trade of certain hazardous chemicals, that includes carbofuran and aldicarb as two sustances “extremely hazardous”. “Currently, the European Union, Canada and the Afrcian countries of CILLS have banned the carbofuran”, says  the Service in the draft.

The draft establish the inmediatly banning of import and elaboration of this pesticides, and provides a one year period until the use and commercialization where banned also. The declaration of the remaining stocks is mandatory to the companies wiht register of this pesticides in the Senasa.

“There are some concerns about the incorrect use of this products, that caused environmentals and human health damages”, Mr. Armando Allinghi, manager of Agrochemicals and Fertilizers Argentinean Industry Chamber (CIAFA), told to “Moreover, there is no an wide use of this insecticides in the farming and there are alternatives pesticides less hazardous”, added.

While, May 4th, Senasa enacted Resolution 149/2018 banning diclorvos and triclorfon pesticides, giving 180 days until the use and commercialization where completely banned. The service explained that importers countries have a lowest pesticides residues tolerance than Argentina and the presence of this compounds could affect grain and other products commerce.

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