Anne of Green Gables Celebrates 100 Years

How times flies. One hundred years ago in 1908, Lucy Maud Montgomery published Anne of Green Gables, the first in a series of novels. That anniversary has kicked off a number of events around the world including the birthplace of the story, Prince Edward Island.

Anne of Green Gables is a fictional story created by L.M. Montgomery, revolving around the character Anne Shirley. Anne, an orphan in search of real parents and a real family, was well known for her braided red hair. The story of young Anne has been passed on thru generations. People all over the world embrace Anne as a character who possesses hope, faith, imagination, optimism and the ability to handle adversity.

Anne’s Room from the fictional story

While the story has been used as a book in many grade schools and is translated in over 20 languages, its story continues to grow through many different mediums. Over the years, there have been plays, movies t.v. shows, tourist attractions and of course the internet, recounting the age old story. There are several websites and Virtual Museums dedicated to Anne and L.M. Montgomery.

Tourists have been coming in droves to PEI from all over Canada, the Eastern U.S. seaboard and of all places, Japan. Roughly 5% of the tourists have come from Japan where the book was translated during the Second World War. Today, Anne continues to live on in an animated Japanese series. Several Japanese tourist groups have taken part in a tree planting sponsorship thru a program partnered by Tourism PEI,  Atlantic Canada Tourism Partnership, and Parks Canada. To date, 10 Japanese tourist groups have come to Green Gables Heritage Site in PEI to plant trees in celebrating the occasion.


PEI has been busy preparing for this centennial event since the Anniversary committee first met in 2005. They have had events all summer long including four signature events that conclude with Montgomery’s birthday on Nov. 30th at Green Gables, PEI National Park, Cavendish.

L.M.Montgomery letter from publisher

Montgomery’s novels stand for many of the things we wish for including friendships, love, beauty and home. Those needs should allow this Great Canadian story to be perpetuated for many generations to come.


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